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Cornerstone Jazz Orchestra


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Cornerstone Jazz Orchestra: Our Authors
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Cornerstone Jazz Orchestra

The Cornerstone Jazz Orchestra can perform for a variety of themed events.  We are currently developing a jazz history series; check back often for updates on the progress and locations of performances

History of Jazz​ Series

  • Concert 1: Jukebox Saturday Night – a tribute to the Big Band Era and beyond

  • Concert 2: Ragtime to Dixieland – the roots of an American art form

  • Concert 3: Diva’s and Crooner’s – stepping into the spotlight

  • Concert 4: Be-Bop to Cool and Beyond – when combo’s were king

Cornerstone Jazz Orchestra: Welcome

A Little About Us

The Cornerstone Jazz Orchestra has a unique instrumentation which helps them to reach one of their goals: to redefine the art of cool.

The basic orchestration includes three woodwind players doubling on flutes, clarinets and saxophones.  A brass quintet, two trumpets, horn in F, trombone and tuba.  The final element to our base orchestration is a rhythm section comprised of piano, bass and drums.

The CJO also adds vocalist, strings and additional instruments as needed to best meet the needs of the musical situation we are playing for.

Contact us for more information on how we can serve you.

Empty Orchestra Stage
Cornerstone Jazz Orchestra: About
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