About our Series


The Academy Band Series is targeted toward first and second year players.  These selections are written with limited ranges and simple rhythms.  They also provide good material for middle school bands to develop their sight reading skills and give players at all levels in these bands the chance to succeed.  Many of the selections in the Academy Band series come with Advanced and Basic parts, again to help develop or challenge multiple skill levels.  Grade level 1 - 2+


The Concert Band Series targets students in their third year, or more, of playing.  There are typically multiple parts (1st and 2nd); clarinet 1 parts are written over the break and ranges and rhythms are more advanced.  Low woodwind and brass players have more independent parts from each other with cued notes to help out if needed. These arrangements also work well for young high school bands looking for material that doesn't require as much prep time for them.  Grade 2 - 3+


The Wind Ensemble Series targets students in their fifth year of playing and higher.  Full instrumentation with independence, but with cues, are available on most selections.  These are great selections for Community Bands, Colleges or other bands looking to add to their music library.  Grade 3 - 5+


The Brass Quintet Series has a full range of levels written for the traditional brass quintet of two trumpets, horn, trombone and tuba.  Check scores to see when alternate parts are included as well as some charts with added percussion.  This series has material for beginning quintet literature through professional level material.  Grade 1.5 - 5+


The Jazz Series includes everything from small ensembles to traditional jazz ensemble arrangements and compositions.  Written at a variety of levels music is available for concerts, festivals or just for fun.  Great literature for educational bands, college bands, community bands or professional jazz bands.  Grade 1.5 - 5+


The Ensemble Series includes music for flexible-instrumentation ensembles, standard woodwind or brass choirs and almost anything else that can make up an ensemble.  This music is intended for public performances that include the full range of levels.  Music that is recognizable, fun to play, fun to prepare and fun to listen to.  There is a number of "For-Fun-Folio" selections available exclusively through Sheet Music Plus - check out more information below). Grade 1.5 - 5+