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Premier Brass Quintet

The Premier Brass Quintet of Green Bay has been together since 1985 when we met in college and formed a brass quintet.  Through the years, some faces have changed, but our enjoyment of music and performance has continued to grow.  We can play music from classical to contemporary music.  We can adapt our music to meet a wide variety of situations.  Contact us today to discuss how we can help you.

Premier Brass Quintet: Our Authors

Premier Brass
"In Concert"

We do a wide variety of themed concerts, wedding ceremonies and private parties.  Here are some sample programs.  We will work with you to meet the music needs for your event with our wide variety of literature and performance flexibility.

Weddings (tailored to your needs)

1. Prelude music (approximately 15 minutes)

- Il Re Pastore

- Die Bankelsangerlieder

-Savior, Like a Shepard

- My Heart Ever Faithful

- Trumpet Tune and Aire

2. Ceremony

Bridemaid's: Pachelbel's Canon

Bride: Trumpet Voluntary

3. Candle Lighting

- Hallelujah

4. Recessional: Hornpipe from Water Music

Postlude: - approximately 15 minutes in length

"​The Good Old USA"

  1. American Civil War Fantasy

  2. American River Songs

  3. Armed Forces Salute

  4. God Bless America

  5. Bring Him Home

  6. The Good Old USA

  7. Fairest of the Fair

  8. King Cotton March

  9. Maple Leaf Rag

  10. Lincoln and Liberty

  11. Hymn To The Fallen

  12. His Honor

  13. Under the Double Eagle

  14. Barnum and Bailey's Favorites

  15. Portrait of Sousa

A Night at the Movies

  1. Music For a Darkened Theater

  2. Over the Rainbow

  3. The Cowboys

  4. Magnificent Seven

  5. The Avengers

  6. The Greatest Showman

  7. The Incredibles

  8. Broadway Center Stage

  9. Friend Like Me

  10. Phantom of the Opera

  11. Guardians of the Galaxy

  12. My Shot from Hamilton

Premier Brass Quintet: Welcome
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